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Retail HACCP Plans For Reduced Oxygen Packaging, Cook-Chill & Sous-vide

HACCP XPRESS is brought to you by Kellerman Consulting, a nationwide leader in food safety and retail HACCP Plans. Kellerman Consulting writes retail HACCP Plans in all 50 states, and has a proven track record getting health department approvals for their customers. Currently, HACCP XPRESS offers ready-to-submit retail HACCP Plans for Reduced Oxygen Packaging, Cook-Chill and Sous-vide.



Which HACCP PLANS Do I NEED For my Reduced oxygen packaging equipment?

Do you know what type of HACCP Plan you need? Fill out our simple questionnaire to find out. After completing the simple questionnaire, we’ll generate ready-to-submit HACCP Plans that you can purchase and instantly download for $995 per plan. Plus you’ll get a FREE 15-Minute Consultation with the experts at Kellerman Consulting.


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